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Since certification began in 1997, more than 200 physicians annually have joined the elite group of health care leaders who have become Certified Physician Executives (CPEs).

Top physician leaders who seek Certified Physician Executive (CPE) board certification use it to their advantage in today’s competitive health care leadership field.

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Jan 25-28, 2018
Orlando, FL

April 26-29, 2018
Boston, MA

July 19-22, 2018
Chicago, IL


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Certified Physician Executive

Who We Are

Top physician leaders find the Certified Physician Executive (CPE) certification to be the key to open doors in today’s competitive health care leadership field.

The national certifying body for physicians specializing in medical management is the Certifying Commission in Medical Management (CCMM). The CCMM is a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the American Association for Physician Leadership® — the association for physicians in health care leadership — to establish and maintain the highest standards for certification of physician executives.

What is a CPE?

A Certified Physician Executive is a licensed MD or DO who has one year or more of management experience, has 150 hours of tested management education or a management degree, is board certified in a specialty, has three years of clinical experience after residency and fellowship, and has successfully passed the live 3½-day CPE Capstone.

Participating in cohort groups is an important part of the certification process. Practicing video interviewing. Setting up the camera in preparation for a video interview. Listening to other participants during the cohort sessions. One valuable component of the CPE program is listening to the critiques of others. CPE candidates make connections during the program that last a lifetime. IMG_1539 Reviewing an interviewing session. Being able to assess the abilities of others is essential to becoming a Certified Physician Executive. All CPE participants must take a Myers-Briggs exam. Here the candidates are discussing how those results reflect a leader’s management style. Teaching Fellow Shelia Sawyer. Participants learn how to sharpen their communication skills through the interviewing process. CPE Rosemary Cunningham. Teaching Fellow Spencer Borden offers instruction to two of the CPE candidates.

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Why CPE ?

CPE is the certification of choice for physician leaders. Endorsed by the American Association for Physician Leadership®, the credential is becoming the benchmark for CEOs and executive recruiters seeking the most accomplished and influential health care leaders.

The CPE certification after your name speaks to your commitment to excellence, and it can be a valuable asset to advance your career and enhance your credibility. And, of course, there’s the personal satisfaction you’ll feel when you attain this exclusive achievement in your professional life. When you add CPE to your signature and resume, it tells prospective employers that you have distinctive competencies and skills highly valued by organizations in the health care industry.

Achieving CPE Status

Eligibility for the CPE is limited to physician executives of the highest caliber. The credential is awarded by the CCMM on the basis of a candidate’s stature as a physician, level of educational achievement, medical management experience and the successful completion of the 3½-day CPE Capstone.  Beyond the written-examination-only approach of many certification programs, the CPE leads physicians through video practice sessions that focus on essential management techniques. Candidates are evaluated on their ability to:

  • Complete all pre-work assignments.

  • Participate in all six cohort exercises.

  • Successfully present a Leadership Summary on the final day.

  • Successfully complete of all post-work assignments.

  • Complete the confidential post-course feedback survey.

Participant Testimonial

“I had been putting off getting the CPE, but when I began a job search, three out of five recruiters asked me if I was a CPE, so I knew it was time to do it.”

M. Joseph Grennan, Jr., MD, CPE
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Humility of Mary Health Partners
Youngstown, Ohio

Recruiter Testimonial

“Along with leadership and management accomplishments, the CPE on physician executives’ resumes tells me that I can be confident that the candidates will present themselves well, know how to handle stressful situations, and have good communication skills.”

Jennifer Grebenschikoff
Vice President
Physician Executive Leadership Management Center
Tampa, Florida